Blizzcon 2010: Interview with Diablo 3 Art Director and Lead World Designer

I just read a recent interview with the Diablo 3 Art Director and Lead World Designer, and I want to share some of my findings.  You can see the full interview here: Diablo 3 Interview.

After reading the entire interview there were three things that stuck out as “really cool” to me:

1.  They explained that the environment is going to be much more dynamic and exciting than it was in Diablo 2.  For the most part, the terrain will still be randomly generated, but one of the things that I found super-cool was this idea of “events”.  Apparently, as you’re roaming around the world, events will occur at random.  The examples that he gave were 50 zombies popping out that you have to defeat, or running into someone who gives you a side quest.  This idea of random events made it seem like there will be much more “replay value” which I liked.

2.  They are increasing the intelligence of the AI… so monsters should not just be slowing walking towards you and attacking, they’ll actually have some strategy (most of them at least).  They explained that some of the smarter monsters will do stuff like shooting a ranged attack and then running backwards to keep their distance, or burrowing underground, popping up and attacking you, and then burrowing back underground.  However, dumber mobs, such as zombies, will still just walk towards you and attack (seems appropriate).  The dynamic has me excited; it sounds like the gameplay will offer a lot more room for strategy and challenges even against regular mobs.

3.  They talked about their decision to take away town portals.  This is something that I was worried about – “how am I going to quickly go back to town to ‘recoup'”?  However they assured us that you shouldn’t need to “recoup” in the middle of battle in Diablo 3.  They’ve designed it so that you’ll have options during battle when you’re getting close to death.  They also mentioned that the way-points will be much closer together, so you’ll never be too far from the nearest one.  It seems like these changes will make the gameplay much more fluid and exciting than it sometimes was in Diablo 2.

Those are the 3 things that I found most exciting in the interview.  Leave a comment and let me know what you think of the interview!




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