Arcane Wizard

Arcane Skill Tree

Tier I

Magic Missile
Active Skill
Rank:: 1/5
Description:: Fire 1 missile(s) of energy at your enemies causing 3-5 arcane damage to them.
Mana Cost:: 5

This was the default ranged spell at last year’s BlizzCon, but with Arcane Orb and Electrocute available right from the start this year, I hardly touched Magic Missile. It didn’t seem to have changed in function since last year; see the wiki page for more details.

Note that Improved Magic Missile is gone. Perhaps permanently, perhaps just for now. It seemed a bit redundant last year, since the listed function was to increase the number of missiles and boost their damage. And since there are skill runes that do both of those things in spells, and equipment that boosts the damage, Improved MM seemed sort of pointless.

Expanded Mind
Passive Skill
Rank:: 1/5
Description:: Expands the Wizard’s knowledge increasing the Wizard’s mana by 12%.

Seems like a skill that would be useful early on, but the sort of thing level 80 Wizards would blame on a youthful indiscretion. Of course now that we’ve got respecs in D3, that’s not such an issue.

Tier II
(Requires 5 points in skills)

Wave of Force
Active Skill
Rank:: 1/5
Description:: Project a wave of force outwards, repelling enemies and projectiles and dealing 1-5 damage.
Mana Cost:: 10

I never got around to using this one, since it’s been seen in the past. There were just way too many fun, active skills for the Wizard. (More than the WD and Barb combined, with all of their passives and defensive boosts.) If I’d had more time to play I would have gone through with another Wizard and tried all different skills, since just an hour with one Wizard wasn’t nearly enough to take an adequate survey of the class’ abilities.

Tier III
(Requires 10 points in skills)

Arcane Orb
Active Skill
Rank:: 1/5
Description:: An orb of pure energy deals 11-16 on contact and an additional 1-2 arcane damage to all enemies in the blast area.
Rank:: 2/5
Description:: An orb of pure energy deals 13-19 on contact and an additional 2-4 arcane damage to all enemies in the blast area.
Mana Cost:: 7

This one very quickly became my skill of choice for ranged attacks. It dealt substantial damage with a big AoE splash, and had a reasonable mana cost. I’m dubious about the listed 1-2 AoE damage, since a few of these into a mob left no survivors.

The drawback to Arcane Orb is that it moves very slowly; more slowly than any other Wizard skill I played with, and this makes it very hard to hit moving targets, or back row enemies. It was not very useful against Dune Dervishes, since those monsters move side to side a lot, and when they’re not walking they’re spinning around in their Whirlwind mode, in which they reflect most projectiles off at odd angles. They certainly reflected every Arcane Orb I fired at them, though that could be fun since my shots weren’t neutralized, just redirected, and the bounces would often head right into some Fallen or other targets.

There was one scenario area in the desert (shown in the gameplay movie) where about five Dune Dervishes burst out of the ground at once. I didn’t think to try it at the time, but in retrospect I wish I could have herded the Dervishes into a cluster, and then tried throwing in some Arcane Orbs. Just to see if my Orbs would have been bounced around like pachinko balls. (Dune Dervishes only reflected floating projectiles, so Electrocute chewed them right up.)

Energy Shield
Active Skill
Rank:: 1/5
Description:: A protective barrier absorbs incoming damage using mana. Every point of damage costs 2 mana.
Mana Cost:: 5
Damage absorbed: 75
Duration:120 seconds
Prerequisite of: Arcane Weakness

Not a skill I even considered using, in the easy Blizzcon demo.

Tier IV
(Requires 15 points in skills)

Active Skill
Rank:: 0/5
Description:: Emanate a beam of pure energy dealing 12 arcane damage per second. Damage is modified to 80% each time the beam passes through a target.
Mana Cost:: 12 mana per second

This one was about the most fun spell to use in last year’s Blizzcon demo, and its function is described in detail on the wiki page.

Sadly, it was not so usable this time, stuck down on the 4th tier, which required a character to reach level 15 to activate.  The description has been clarified a bit, making it clear that the damage drops to 80% of the max with each target it hits. So it’s not a simple 100%/80%/60%, etc. It’s 80% of whatever damage it was dealing previously, which isn’t as quick a drop. That’s 100%, 80%, 64%, 51%, 41%, 33%, etc, leaving Disintegrate the ability to deal noticeable damage to even the 4th or 5th enemy in line.

Slow Time
Active Skill
Rank:: 0/5
Description:: Warp space and time, slowing nearby monsters and projectiles.
Cool down: 20 seconds.
Enemy cool down increase: 1 seconds.
Mana Cost:: 20

Another skill I would have enjoyed trying, if I’d had time to clear out the entire huge demo area and reach level 15. It certainly looks fun in the gameplay movies, where it’s so often featured. More details and screens on the wiki page.

Tier V
(Requires 20 points in skills)

Arcane Torrent
Active Skill
Rank:: 0/5
Description:: Meteorites pelt the targeted region dealing 10 to 20 damage per second.
Mana Cost:: 12 mana per second.

Nothing is known about this one, save for what we can read in this description. It sounds like an Arcane version of Blizzard. The key difference there might be the damage type. While cold slows and cold critical hits freeze, Arcane critical hits “silence” enemies, stopping monsters from using various spell attacks.  Presumably Arcane Torrent would be a good spell to drop on a pack of monster mages, for that critical hit bonus purpose.

We did notice that Meteor Storm is no longer listed as a Wizard skill, so perhaps this one took its place in terms of function, although Meteor Storm was in the Storm tree.

Arcane Weakness
Passive Skill
Rank:: 0/5
Requires: 1 point(s) in Energy Shield
Description:: Enemies damaged by your arcane spells are affected with Arcane Weakness, increasing damage taken by 20% for 5 seconds.

An interesting sort of Arcane Mastery. It sounds almost like a Curse, weakening monsters against all types of attacks, from all characters.  It was far too high level to test out at Blizzcon, so there’s no telling if it actually does what the description hints at.

Tier VI
(Requires 25 points in skills)
Active Skill
Rank:: 0/5
Description:: Teleport to the selected location up to 100 feet away. Teleport can only be used every 9 seconds.
Mana Cost:: 23

This one has been seen in videos, but has not been testable for players in either Blizzcon. The main difference in the D3 version is that the Wizard leaps up into the air when casting it, and appears in the air at the other end, falling to the ground after they appear. This makes the spell less of an instant escape/movement option. Just in case that wasn’t clear enough, the developers have added a fairly huge 9 second cool down. They appear to be serious about not letting Teleport be the queen of all fast moving, item run spells!


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